Discharging from Hospital- A Capability Caregiver can Help

hospiceIt’s not unusual for us to get a call from a family while their loved one is in the hospital. An unplanned hospital visit can often bring a lot of stress and anxiety to families. Regular life has just been completely interrupted and things might never be the same.

There are so many things to consider:

  • Will my loved one get to go home?

  • Who will take care of them?

  • Who will help them with bathing and personal care?

  • Who will ensure they are safe?

  • Who will make sure they are taking their medications correctly?

  • Who will be there to help them if they fall?

  • Who will keep them company and make sure their needs are being met?

  • Who will help them move around the house?

  • Who will answer their call for help in the middle of the night?

All of these questions are very common and are realistic concerns that many of our clients have.

We are more than happy to go to the hospital and meet with the prospective client and their family. We offer a complimentary consultation to get to know the patient and understand their unique needs and answer any questions that the family might have.

Being at the hospital gives us a chance to talk to the nurses and the physical therapist to get a better understanding of how we can help. We can then set up a plan of care so that as soon as the patient is discharged from the hospital there is a caregiver ready to help.

The best thing about hiring care (as opposed to moving to an Assisted Living where you are locked into a longterm contract) is that the amount of care you receive is flexible.

We can provide help for as little as 4 hours a day, to overnight- round the clock care- so whatever your loved one’s specific needs are- they can be met by Capability Homecare’s capable and highly trained staff. Call us today to see how we can make the transition home go smoothly. 425 679 5770.

Having a successful plan in place BEFORE it is needed can help speed up the recovery process and  prevent re-hospitalization.


Capability Homecare, A Relationship you can Trust

Mary and Don* are an elderly couple who live in Marysville. Don was being discharged from Marysville Care Center and Mary was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to help Don at home as much as needed- that’s where Capability Homecare came in.

Mary called Capability Homecare to inquire about our services- and we immediately set up a meeting to help Mary understand her options and to help her learn more about who we are as a company.

Our motto is ‘A relationship you can trust’ and that is very important to us. We want our clients to feel completely comfortable and at ease about using our services. We consider every client to be like our family- and we carefully select our caregivers with that standard in mind.

Mary wasn’t sure exactly what help she would need.  She felt scared, unsure and overwhelmed. Here was her husband of 35 years needing help that she felt unable to provide.

Fortunately, our caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants, and specifically trained in providing homecare.

They are able to assist Don with Activities of Daily Living such as bathing and getting dressed. They help transfer him from his chair to his walker. They encourage him to participate in his rehab exercises. They cook healthy, nutritious meals to help Don in his recovery.  They accompany him on his doctor’s appointments and assist with housework- so that Mary can simply enjoy spending time with her husband.

When Mary called us- she had no idea what she was getting into- but she has relied on Capability Homecare over the past year and a half to care for her husband. We now feel like family and are proud to be a part of their lives. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to be of service.

*names have been changed to protect privacy

Broken Hip

Sadly, my beloved grandfather broke his hip on Thanksgiving. Actually, the hip broke itself. He was standing next to his bed and all of a sudden he just fell. Somehow he managed to drag himself to a phone and call my mother to ask for help. My mom immediately rushed over to his apartment and carefully helped him to the car (he refused an ambulance) and drove to the emergency room. Once there, after the x ray they discovered that the ball of his hip simply crumbled causing the fall. Incredibly, this isn’t that uncommon for a 92 year old.

He has now had surgery and is recovering in the hospital. It’s been scary, stressful and emotional for my family. All of a sudden, there are all these questions to ask. What will happen to him? What is the recovery like? When will he be back on his feet? Will he eventually be able to go back to his apartment? Where will he go once he is discharged from the hospital? The doctor has said he will need to go to a rehab but which one?

Even though these are the type of situations we deal with every day at Capability Homecare, when it’s your own family- it takes on a whole new meaning. The hardest part is that I’m so far away- my family is in the midwest and I am here- unable to do much. It’s a helpless feeling of despair. I feel so fortunate that the rest of my family is there to step up and help. They can ask all the right questions, tour the rehab facility, interview the homecare agencies. They can take charge of the situation and do everything in their power to make sure my grandpa receives the best possible care- because in the end, that’s all any of us wants for our loved ones.

Grandpa Bob surrounded by his family last 4th of July.

Capability Homecare; A Love Letter

In this industry we at Capability Homecare find that many people wait until a crisis to make decisions on what kind or type of care their parents will receive. More often than not, someone is in the hospital and about to be discharged and they have no where to go! If they are lucky, the discharge planner in the hospital will explain their options and hopefully a homecare agency will be able to provide service- or a skilled nursing can admit them. This isn’t always the best solution to a crisis though- decisions are made under stress and people are so desperate for a solution that they may make a decision they will later regret.

Not to mention the financial mess! Trying to navigate and understand insurance plans, retirement plans, investments, IRA’s can be mind boggling!  Pre planning is the key to being completely prepared should a crisis occur.

This is why I’d like to suggest the Family Love Letter. Put together by Donna Pagano, CFP  and president of Family Love Letter, LLC and presented by AXA Advisors, (and given to me by a local financial planner- Leanne Plancic,) this 38 page ‘letter’ is actually a document that allows people to organize their important records/ documents and then also a place to express their wishes for when they pass away or  have a catastrophic accident.  Who wouldn’t want to have a say in what will happen to you?

The ‘Love Letter’ complies an incredible amount of information all in one place- so that when the time comes- there will be less confusion and all important information will be accessible.

It is divided into sections.

Section I: Advisors and Assets

  • Financial Professional
  • Estate planning attorney
  • Business attorney
  • CPA/ Accountant
  • Stockbroker
  • Retirement plan
  • Employer
  • Mortgage broker
  • Property Insurance
  • Banker
  • Doctor

Section II: Financial Information

  • Liabilities
  • Monthly budget
  • Subscriptions
  • Personal Guaranties
  • Credit/ Debit Cards (including passwords)

Section III: Insurance and Benefits

  • Life insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Medigap insurance
  • Other insurance coverage
  • Employer and Benefits

Section IV: Documents and Other Information

  • Will and trust
  • Living will
  • Living Trust
  • Medical power of attorney
  • Life insurance trust
  • Marriage license
  • Birth certificates
  • Passwords and other general information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Passport numbers
  • Personal property

Section V: Family History and Ethical Will

  • Family history
  • Ethical Will
  • Family Mission Statement

It’s hard to accept that someday we, or our parents, will eventually pass on – and having the conversation about what their plans are isn’t easy. I haven’t even had it with my own parents. Let this letter be the starting point for the process of gathering information. Currently there isn’t a place in the letter to document what living arrangements you would like- but there are plenty of places to make notes- and I would suggest you spend a little time discussing what would best suit your needs. Do you want to Age in Place? Do you want to be in a nursing home? Do you want to like in an Assisted Living? Many of these (especially CCRC’s) you must plan ahead for.

Be warned though- it is important to be very careful with who has access to the document. With identity theft being a serious and common problem- this document in the wrong hands could be devastating. Capability Homecare is committed to helping navigate the world of senior care and the stresses and decisions that must be made as people age.

Leanne Plancic, Financial Planner can be reached at 206-956-6243