After the Holidays


Caregiver with a client, photo credit I stock photo

Now that the holidays are over- and families have spent time together, many people realize that their loved ones are not as independent as they thought- and some sort of help is needed. Aegis Living put together a great list of things to look for that could indicate that your loved one may need help.

  • Have they recently lost a lot of weight? Are they eating properly? Are there fresh produce and food in the cupboards and refrigerator? Is food spoiled or moldy in their house?
  • Are they dressed every day in clean clothing? Are they wearing the same clothing over and over? Have they showered? Brushed their hair? Shaved?
  • Are they regularly seeing a doctor? Are they going to the eye doctor for a checkup? Have they gone to the dentist? Do they forget to take medication? Are they hard of hearing?
  • Mobility. Have they suffered a fall? Can they get in and out of a chair or bed on their own? Are they stable when walking? Do they have unexplained bruising?
  • Mental State. Are they forgetting key things they should easily know? Are the often confused? Are they having mood swings? Do they can angry or forgetful? Are they depressed? Are they missing appointments? Have they lost interest in hobbies and activities? Are they lonely?
  • Finances. Are they forgetting to pay bills? Are they getting late notices? Are they bouncing checks?
  • Is it a messy? Are appliances broken? Is the yard not maintained? Does their car have unexplained dents and scratches?

 If you have noticed any of the above signs- than it might be time to think about looking for support, either through an Assisted Living (such as Aegis) or hiring in home care from Capability Homecare

For more information, please contact us 425 679 5770 or go to our website,


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