Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

treeIt’s the season of gift giving, so today I want to share my top 10 gift ideas for seniors.

  1. A Puzzle with large pieces – and the promise to work on it with them. If they don’t enjoy puzzles, what about a table top sudoko board?
  2. Restaurant gift certificate (even better if the restaurant delivers). A grocery store gift card would also be nice.
  3. Subscription to Audible (great for those who love reading, but have a hard time seeing. Take it one step further and show them how to download on their phone or mobile device)
  4. A mini table top tree- this is what Capability Homecare is giving all of our clients this year. It’s a simple, easy way to make a home festive, without all the mess and trouble of a big tree.
  5. Tickets to a holiday concert that you can go to together.
  6. Create a photo album using their old photos. Ask your loved one to tell you stories about the pictures- who is in them, what they were doing at the time.
  7. A DVD set of their favorite TV show from the olden days.
  8. Computer lessons- teach them how to use Facebook, email or Skype to stay connected.
  9. Consider a gift card for homecare services. Even just a few hours a week will allow you some respite from caregiving- and also gives your loved one the opportunity to socialize with a new person.
  10. Give something small and homemade. My daughter and I love making gifts each year. We have made coasters, pillow cases, ornaments, salt and pepper shakers… We use Pinterest to get inspired.  

What’s really important during the holiday season is spending time together as a family. Each of these gift ideas encourage time that you can spend with your loved one.

Enjoy and happy holidays!



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