I Didn’t Even Know This Was Possible!

images“I didn’t even know this was possible” our client’s daughter said the other day.

Her mother, Mrs. W, had been hospitalized twice in the last month, first from a fall- then with a pneumonia.

When Mrs. W returned home from the hospital, she needed someone to help her recover. Her daughter lives 45 minutes away (and has a job and a family of her own) and as much as she wants to, she can’t be there everyday to help her mom.

That’s where we came in!

The daughter searched on the internet to see if she could find help for her mom.  In her search she came across Capability Homecare. She immediately called and set up a meeting for us to meet her mom and learn about our services.

One of the areas where Mrs. W needs the most help is with taking care of her beloved dog Gus.

Gus is not only Mrs. W’s constant companion- he is also a lifesaver! When Mrs. W had her fall, she was outside walking the dog. As she laid on the ground, Gus stood by Mrs. W’s side and patiently waited while she got her bearings. After a few minutes, she was able to slowly get up, using Gus to brace herself as she stood. Had the dog not been there, Mrs. W would have had nothing to help her up and could have laid on the cold ground until someone happened by.

After that scary experience, there was no way Mrs. W could leave her dog and move into an assisted living or skilled nursing. Gus had literally saved her life.

However, since Mrs. W is recovering from both the fall and being ill- she can’t take care of the dog on her own. He needs feeding and walks- 3 times a day. Luckily, our caregiver is a dog lover- and is more than willing to give Gus the attention and love he needs.

Mrs. W also needs help with personal care- bathing and getting dressed- as well as help with meals (planning, grocery shopping, preparing, and cleaning up).  Our caregiver, who has been trained in nutrition and food handling, is able to make healthy meals that will help Mrs. W recover.

Another area that Capability Homecare assists Mrs. W with is housekeeping; changing the sheets, doing laundry, running the vacuum… all the daily tasks to help keep her home clean and comfortable.

Most importantly, having the caregiver in the home with Mrs. W means that Mrs. W is safe and not alone. Both the companionship of having someone there to talk to as well as the safety of having ‘eyes on’ in case of another fall provide peace of mind to her family.

The daughter is thrilled with the service and said she can sleep at night knowing her mom is in good hands.


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