Letter From a Former Client

Today I wanted to share a letter we received from a former client*, I’ll call her L.

Several months after our client passed away, his daughter emailed us this letter:

I do not know how to begin to thank you for the exceptional care and compassion you and all of your staff and caregivers showed towards my father and my entire family during our time of need.  It has been several months already since my father passed away, and as I look back on those few months that he was not able to care for himself, there was such an obvious turning point the moment we came in contact with your group.  I just wish we had found you sooner!

I will always be grateful that we found Capability to see my Dad through his final days.  



Before we came on board her dad had been on hospice- and the family had hired an agency to help take care of him throughout the day. Many people don’t realize that when hospice is in place, the care they provide is not 24 hours a day; so often families hire extra help to take care of the day to day stuff (ADL’s, bathing, med management, companionship, housekeeping).

Unfortunately, our client was very unhappy with the care the agency was providing (for a number of reasons; which included poor communication, concerns with transfers, rotation of staff and non pro-active caregivers)- so they brought Capability Homecare on board to take over.

After meeting with the client and his family, Capability Homecare developed a care plan specific to their situation. By meeting with them as a family- and careful listening, we then had a better understanding of exactly what went wrong with the other agency- and how we could better meet their needs.

We then used our Care Match system to find the perfect caregivers to meet these specific requirements. Our caregivers were ‘live in care’- meaning they lived in the client’s home and were able to provide care as needed.  Our amazing caregivers had the pleasure of serving this client until he passed away.

It’s letters like this that make our day. We are so blessed to do the work that we do- and so honored to be a part of someone’s life at such a crucial time.  Thank you, “L” for taking the time to write.

*We always ask client’s permission before sharing their letters.


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