Therapy Pets in the Operating Room- That’s a First!

We’ve all heard of therapy pets, which I personally think are a pretty amazing thing, but a dog in an operating room? That’s a first!

I saw this incredible story about a dog and a little girl and just had to share.

I once read an amazing article about a very special cat that could predict when a patient in a nursing home was about to die. The cat, Oscar would literally crawl into bed with the person and be there during their last moments.  It was a pretty amazing story, and can be read here:

There are so many wonderful things about this story- one of which is the idea that this animal can provide comfort and peace in what is normally a very sad time. It’s also a great reminder of how pets can provide companionship to lonely seniors.

My mother in law visited us over the holidays, and she really loved hanging out with my dog, Sadie. I would leave my mother in law at home while I went to work- and Sadie would snuggle into Carol’s lap while she read, or sit by her feet as she folded laundry, or sit next to her while she watched TV. Just the presence of another living being beside you can put loneliness at bay and bring comfort to people. Personally, I love those quiet days when I’m home all alone and my sweet dog just follows me from room to room- it just reminds me that I am never alone.

I think for the elderly having a low maintenance pet is the ideal solution to anyone facing mild depression. Having to take care of someone other than yourself is a wonderful way to remind us that we are all needed and worthy. I spent so many years of my life without a pet- but now I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like without one. In fact, if my husband gets his way… we may soon be the proud owner of another dog! (he’d love to rescue a lab).


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