Feb is National Heart Month

photoIn a month where love is celebrated- what better time than to talk about your heart?

I suppose that is why the American Heart Association chose February as National Heart Month.

In honor of this month, Capability Homecare offered free blood pressure checks last week in order to help make seniors aware of their blood pressure and what is considered a safe range. We also suggested some important tips and suggestions on what you can do to make your heart healthier. Our suggestions include:

  • Eat right (lots of fruits and vegetables, monitor your sodium intake)

  • Exercise regularly (even walking daily helps)

  • Know your cholesterol levels

  • Monitor your blood pressure regularly

  • Track your BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Do not use tobacco

  • Know your family history

A healthy heart is essential for a healthy life. Sadly, many people aren’t taking any steps to ensure they have a healthy heart. “Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men and women in this country, so it’s disappointing to see that so many Americans are unaware of the severity of not taking action to prevent heart disease, or how exactly to do so,” said Steven Nissen, M.D., Chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. “This is a disease that can largely be prevented and managed, but you have to be educated about how to do so and then incorporate prevention into your lifestyle.”

For those of you who suffer from Congestive Heart Failure, having a Capability Homecare caregiver assist you in maintaining a healthy heart is a great step you can take to increase your health. Our caregivers can

  • Monitor vital signs

  • Assist with Activities of Daily Living

  • Prepare Low Sodium diet

  • Weight monitoring

  • Help with prescribed exercise program

  • Medication reminders

  • Provide transportation to appointments

  • Reduce Fall Risk

For those home bound seniors, it’s also important to know that Home Health through Life Care at Home has a program to help with managing heart failure. Their services include:

  • personalized rehabilitation and exercise program to increase endurance

  • education on conserving energy while staying active

  • a home safety evaluation

  • diet and fluid management to live better with CHF

  • weight monitoring

  • educational booklet provided with disease information and tips on diet and healthy living

For more information on how to maintain your healthy heart, please contact us today at 425 679 5770


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