Patient Advocacy

One of the biggest challenges of adult children is the constant worry about their parents well-being.  Wondering if a parent is eating right, taking medications properly or practicing proper hygiene care is very concerning. Other worries include questioning their parent’s safety both at home and behind the wheel.  All of this is even more stressful if the parent is suffering from some sort of cognitive impairment.

If the adult child lives far away, has a family of their own, a full time job and other commitments, it isn’t always realistic for them to be available to help their parent with these day to day tasks.

To make matters worse, when dealing with a memory loss or dementia, a senior usually has multiple doctor’s appointments that are necessary. For the adult child, it isn’t easy to accompany their parent to the numerous appointments. Yet it is essential that someone is there to ask questions, take notes, plan the follow up appointment(s), get prescriptions filled and perhaps even drive to the appointment.

What to do?

Capability Homecare can provide a compassionate and understanding caregiver who can be your senior parent’s advocate. They can drive your parent to their appointment, relay any concerns the family has, help take notes on follow up instructions, ask questions of the doctor, schedule the follow up appointments and report back to you. It will alleviate any miscommunication and help make sure the senior is receiving the care they deserve.

Let a Capability Homecare caregiver be your patient’s advocate- and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Call us today to find out how we can help you 425 679-5770.


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