Mental Health & Care Management

Did you know the average time your doctor actually spends with you is only 7 minutes?*

Did you know that many doctors feel so rushed to get on to the next patient that they adopt strategies to avoid lengthy conversations (not sitting down, scanning notes, not actually touching the patient or interacting with family members in the room**).

In that brief period of time how can they possibly pick up on the signs of dementia- or any other changes in mood, behavior or health?

So what to do? One viable option is to hire a private counselor who can spend as much time as you need to do a mental health assessment or care management.

I recently met with John Ramsdell, who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Geriatric Mental Health Specialist, a Certified Care Manager and PEARLS counselor. His areas of expertise are working with aging and disabled adults.  He is compassionate and knowledgable in the field of mental health.

According to his website– if you notice any of the problems listed below, a call to him might be just what you need.

  • Changes in mood or personality

  • No longer engaging in activities that were enjoyed in the past

  • Increasing forgetfulness or irritability

  • Time management problems

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • No longer maintaining relationships or becoming increasingly isolated.

  • Not accessing medical services or following treatment recommendations appropriately

  • Increasing sadness or anxiety

* **


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