Walk of Life

IMG_1064A friend of mine recently went down to Florida to help her dad move out of his home and move into an Assisted Living*. While living in his own home he had become anti social- staying indoors most of the time.

Before the move, my friend wanted to go see a tree that she had planted several years ago in memory of her mother- and asked her dad to take her there. He reluctantly agreed to go and proceeded to climb in the car. Since the tree was only about 75 feet away, my friend insisted he get out of the car and they could walk. After a little resistance, eventually he gave in and together they walked down the road- and this is where an amazing thing happened.

As they slowly walked they started running into people he knew. People he hadn’t seen in months.

They stopped to talk, to laugh, to socialize. They shared stories, caught up on news and saw old friends.

All of a sudden- after months of feeling lonely and depressed- he felt alive, connected and loved. Just this simple task of getting outside and going for a short stroll opened up his world and brought him joy.

When my friend shared this story with me I knew it was something I wanted to share here because it is something so simple- and yet so rewarding. So I encourage you- if you have been cooped up in your home for too long- get outside. Go for a walk. Even if it’s a short one, being in the fresh air will re-invigorate you. Seeing other people will re-connect you and getting exercise will re-energize you.

There is no rush, take your time and take it slow. Just get out there and see the world. We’ve been waiting for you…

*Capability Homecare is a premiere homecare agency in the Greater Seattle area. We provide in home care for seniors for short or long term stays.


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