Be Warned- This Could Happen to You!

I’ve written about being aware of scams that people try to pull on seniors before- but today I need to share another one- that hit a little to close to home.

Recently, our recruiting manager’s in laws were the target of a scam.  Unfortunately, they fell for it and ended up losing a significant amount of money.

Here is how it works:

The scammer calls the senior and either claims to be the senior’s grandchild, or a friend of their grandchild.

They then tell the senior that they are in trouble and have been put in jail. They need cash immediately- and have no one else to turn to. They use names and details that convince the senior that this person is legitimate- and the senior is easily tricked into sending money to the crook. How is this possible?


I blame Facebook and other social media sites. It’s simple for thieves to troll pages of Facebook and get personal information about someone. Your name, spouses name, hometown, where you went to high school, you grandparents names… all of this information is readily available on the internet. All it takes is a little digging and research and before you know it- the crook can easily pass themselves off as someone else.

Please, please have a conversation with your parents, or your spouse, or anyone who might fall prey to this scam about being leery of anyone calling for money.

It may seem obvious to you (you would never send money over the phone, right?), but to a lonely senior who doesn’t get many phone calls, or who hasn’t heard from their grandchild for ages, or who feels pleased to be able to help out- this can be as easy as stealing candy from a baby.


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