20 Questions: Do You or Your Loved One Need Care?

Remember the old game 20 questions?

Well, here is a different version. Below are 20 questions to help determine if you or a loved one is in need of care.

Use it as a checklist, use it as a starting point for a conversation, use it however you like.

Just don’t be afraid to ask for help- it’s out there!

1. Does the individual regularly skip meals?

2. Does the individual eat a lot of frozen or prepared meals?

3. Has the individual lost weight?

4. Is it difficult to stand for more than a few minutes?

5. Has the individual had a fall?

6. Is it difficult to get in and out of bed?

7. Is it difficult to get in and out of a chair?

8. Does the individual ever feel unsteady or dizzy?

9. Does the individual have difficulty climbing up or down stairs?

10. Does the individual feel unsafe in their home?

11. Are there signs of loneliness or depression?

12. Has the individual stopped bathing on a daily basis?

13. Does the individual experience incontinence?

14. Does the individual need help getting dressed?

15. Is the individual keeping up with housekeeping?

16. Does the individual has past date food in their refrigerator or pantry?

17. Does the individual regularly take their medications?

18. Does the individual show signs of confusion or disorientation?

19. Is the individual recovering from surgery?

20. Does the individual have a chronic illness or condition?

Capability Homecare can provide the care you need, please call today to find out more.


One thought on “20 Questions: Do You or Your Loved One Need Care?

  1. Great list of questions. Assessing your loved one’s driving skills and social interactions are also important factors to look at. Not being safe on the road and not spending time with friends, are things to keep in mind.

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