Still Driving? 10 Signs You May Need to Stop

I was chatting with a girlfriend over the weekend and we were discussing our grandparents- she mentioned that her 86 year old grandma is still driving! She said it’s probably not safe, but to take grandma’s license away would be too difficult. It’s her last piece of independence- and she isn’t about to give that up easily.

Sadly, this is all too common!

That being said, sometimes it’s a good idea to do a driver’s evaluation to help assess whether or not someone is still safe to drive.

Below are the top 10 signs of unsafe driving. If you, or your loved one, is exhibiting any of these behaviors- talk to your primary care physician about how to go about scheduling a professional evaluation. It may be the safest decision you’ve ever made.

1. Has difficulty following instructions and directions

2. Drifts into other lanes of traffic

3. Stops abruptly without cause

4. Backs up after missing an exit

5. Gets lost in familiar places

6. Steps on brake pedal at the same time as the accelerator pedal (or confuses the two)

7. Does not react to emergency situations

8. Turns from improper lane

9. Fails to yield the right of way

10. Drives significantly slower than the posted speed or general speed of other vehicles

At Capability Homecare we offer hourly care to assist with all Activities of Daily Living, including transportation. Call today to schedule a complimentary in home assessment 425 679-5770.


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