Capability Homecare: Taking the Time to Listen

One thing I’ve learned over the years is how important it is to be a good listener, especially when working with our clients.

When we go out to meet a new client we take the time to really get to know them. We aren’t in any hurry and we allow as much time as it takes for the client to feel comfortable with us.

We give them the opportunity to share stories about their life.  We ask questions to learn more about who they are as a person. We sit and listen and let them talk.

This enables us to connect with the client- and also helps us do our job better. Because we’ve taken the time to get to know them-  we are better able to find the perfect caregiver for their unique personality.

I’ve heard that some agencies are in such a rush when they do the assessment that they only allow a short period of time with the client. They just go over the form- firing away with one question after the next.

Listening goes beyond the assessment- once they become a client, we are always there for them. We are available on the phone 24/7- not an answering service, it’s one of us who you get when you call.

We had a client come into the office today who just needed to talk. He is concerned about his wife- who has dementia- and he just needs someone to hear his concerns, to validate the choices he is making and to comfort him through this time of stress.  He wasn’t really looking for answers- he was just looking for a place to share his concerns and know that he is being heard.

Our director, Laura, took time to sit and listen to this gentleman express his concern for his wife.  She was kind and compassionate and offered suggestions when needed- but more than anything was just there to support him.

That’s the difference between Capability Homecare and a large franchise organization. Like a good friend, we take the time to listen.


One thought on “Capability Homecare: Taking the Time to Listen

  1. Excellent points. Unfortunately, many older people don’t feel listened to, mostly because they aren’t. In any elder care profession, listening is critical. You’re given two ears and one mouth for a reason!

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