Spirit Centered Care

What is the difference between Spirit Centered Care and Body Centered Care?

The difference is HUGE.

In spirit centered care, each person is treated as an indivudual. Their wishes and wants are taken into consideration. Their personal preferences are considered. They are treated with dignity and respect.

In body centered care, a person’s needs are met- they are bathed, fed and medically treated- but the personal connection is missing.

How would you rather be treated?

Fortunately, Spirit Centered Care is within your reach.

Many seniors choose to age in place and hire care to come into their home.

At Capability Homecare it is our mission to provide kind and loving caregivers who recognize the difference between spirit centered care and body centered care. Our caregivers focus on respecting the senior and treating them with love and dignity. Building a true relationship is of the upmost importance to us.

For those seniors who want to get out of the house, Spirit Centered Care is the primary goal of Elderwise*- an adult day center located in Seattle. Elderwise focuses on enriching senior’s lives, rather than just taking care of their primary needs.

It is not a drop in program, participants attend according to their own weekly schedule-giving them the opportunity to connect with the same people each day- which in turn provides a supportive community for seniors. This idea of community is very important to Elderwise, they recognize the powerful impact this has on a senior (or anyone’s) life.

At Elderwise the day consists of meals, art, meaningful discussions and exercise classes. Their aim is to provide a gracious way of living and to build deep relationships with other seniors.

Whether you chose to age in place, or attend a day center- or do both– your primary goal should be to find a place that recognizes that you deserve to live your life to the fullest, no matter what your age or ability.

*Elderwise is a 501(c)(3) organization and is always looking for donations to support their mission. They will be holding their annual Art Auction on May 19th! Mark your calendars! To donate, or learn more- click here.


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