Bedtime Routine

I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day- My Mother My Son– (from the founder of Aegis) about one’s evening routine and it started me thinking about my own routine.

Each night, I prepare dinner for my family.  We sit and eat together; afterwards I do the dishes, wipe off the counters and sweep the floor.

Later, we all settle on the couch to watch our favorite TV shows, while I usually fold laundry. At about 9:00, I’ll decide I’m tired and head upstairs to bed.

I carry the laundry basket of freshly folded clothes with me up the stairs so that I can put them away before I climb in bed. As I’m putting the laundry away I notice a light bulb is burned out in the hall lamp and I go back downstairs to find a replacement.

In the kitchen I remember that I need to set out the recycling for tomorrow, so I quickly gather all the items from under the sink, carry them out to the recycle container and then wheel it down to the curb.

Finally, I head back upstairs to get ready for bed. While climbing the stairs I notice some dirt that the dog must have tracked in.  Rather than let it get ground in to the carpet- I go retrieve the vacuum and clean up the mess.

I then head to my bathroom to change into my pj’s when I spot an overdue library book sitting by the edge of the bathtub. Not wanting to forget it- I bring it back downstairs to put in next to my purse- to be returned to the library the next day.

Eventually, I make it back upstairs to start getting ready for bed. I use the restroom, brush my teeth, wash my face, remove my contacts and crawl into bed- an hour later and totally exhausted.

I don’t think I’m alone in this crazy bedtime routine and it started me thinking.

Imagine if you were unable to cook your own dinner, let alone clean up after it.

Imagine if the process of doing laundry was too difficult to attempt, not to mention the idea of folding the clothes and carrying a heavy laundry basket.

Imagine if you couldn’t walk on your own, or climb stairs without assistance.

Imagine sweeping or vacuuming the floor is a task too difficult to even try.

Imagine maneuvering a heavy recycle bin to the curb each week.

Imagine due to limited mobility that taking your clothes off is difficult, not to mention putting new ones on.

Imagine not being able to use the restroom, bathe or brush your teeth on your own.

Imagine even the simple task of crawling into or out of bed being so difficult that you are unable to do it alone for fear of falling.

Such is the life of many seniors.

Us, able bodied, take for granted how blessed we are to be able to do the tasks that we do each day. We forget that there are people who might be ill or frail, or recovering from surgery, or simply too weak to do the Activities of Daily Living that we all take for granted.

That is exactly what Capability Homecare is for.

We are there to provide safe, trustworthy, compassionate caregivers who will aid in all of these simple tasks- things most of us don’t even think about, things that we take for granted each and every day.

If you or your loved one wants to Age in Place, but need some extra assistance consider calling Capability Homecare today. 425 679-5770


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