Client Profile, John & Ann

John and Ann* have been clients of Capability Homecare for over 2 years. They are a sweet couple who never had any children of their own. As they have grown older, and Ann has had some health problems, they decided to hire Capability Homecare to provide Live In Caregivers to help them Age in Place.

They decided that rather than move to an ‘old folk’s home’, they would rather stay in the home they lovingly built 40 years ago. It’s a serene place, on a quiet road and backs up the a river. Sitting on their deck, listening to the sound of the water while watching the wildlife is a large part of their lives- and giving that up is inconceivable.

So is moving away from their neighbors.  They love the comfort and security of knowing everyone around them. It’s a safe and familiar place. Yet they are unsafe all alone. It is essential that they have help.

Ann uses a lift to help her transition from chair to bed- (and vice versa) and a caregiver trained in using lifts is essential- John is 80 years old, it would be impossible for him to help his wife every time she wanted to move.

Furthermore, they can no longer cook their own meals, clean their house, or take care of personal needs. Having a live in caregiver allows them the luxury of having every need met- within the comfort of their home.

Their caregiver feels like part of the family, she truly loves them- and would do anything for them- including staying at their home during the snowstorm and power outage.

Although it was difficult to actually get to their remote house, the owner of Capability Homecare was able to drive the caregiver to work, as well as bring a load of camping supplies to help keep them comfortable.

He brought a camping stove, heater, lanterns, food and other provisions. The entire journey took well over 2 hours. But, unlike some companies who actually charge their clients for this extra time and effort- it was (of course) free to our clients. To us, charging for that extra service is unthinkable- we were simply doing the right thing- taking care of our client in need.

That is what Capability Homecare is built on- the core belief that you simply do the right thing- no matter what.

Please call Capability Homecare today if you or your loved needs care in the home. 425 679-5770, or check out our website.

*Client’s names have been changed


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