10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Tis the season to be jolly… and stressed and exhausted! If buying gifts for your parent or grandparent is wearing you out- consider one of these easy gift ideas.

1. A donation to a cause (in their name) that is meaningful to them (we donate to the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of my grandmother and the Museum of Flight for my grandfather), Meals on Wheels in honor of our clients and Northwest Harvest in honor of our caregivers.

2. Subscription to a magazine that they enjoy (we bought People for my mother in law)

3. If they are physically able, consider a special outing. Tickets to the symphony, a museum, or lunch at favorite restaurant. Something that allows you to spend time together.

4.  If they have an X Box or Wii, what about getting a game such as bowling or something that increases fitness.

5. If they are a fall risk, an Electronic monitoring device (Safety Line) is always good for peace of mind.

6. If they have a love of reading, but can no longer see the fine print,  a book on tape makes a nice gift. If your budget is even bigger- a Kindle makes a nice gift. Help them load books for free from the King County Library.

7. To stimulate their brains, a sudoku or crossword puzzle book is a great gift ( large print). A subscription to an online brain game site like Luminosity would be wonderful!

8. Gift card to a restaurant or even a grocery store- some seniors are barely getting by each month and taking care of this primary need can be a lifesaver.

9. Use pictures from their childhood create a scrapbook together. Allow the senior to tell you stories about each picture while you record what they say. This will be a gift for future generations.

10. Buy homecare/ companion services. Even just a few hours a week will allow you some respite from caregiving, and also gives your loved one a new friend!

Most seniors have everything they need, and at this point in their life they just want to enjoy spending time as a family. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season make you crazy! Something very simple can bring joy and happiness to your loved one. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


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