Activities of Daily Living

At Capability Homecare we provide our clients assistance with Activities of Daily Living -meaning helping seniors with anything that is part of their daily lives that they can no longer do on their own. Usually this means help with bathing, getting dressed, personal care or even making meals.

I’ve recently discovered the importance of my own activities of daily living and these have nothing to do with getting dressed or having a bath.

I’m talking about activities to take care of yourself. Activties to nurture your soul. This is especially relevant at this time of year when things start to get crazy with the holidays!

One of my daily activities is to have a mantra. I use ‘Inner Peace, Outer Joy’.

When things start to seem too crazy or stresfull, I slow down, breathe deep and think this thought over and over again. Somehow, it calms my spirit and reminds me of what’s important.

I was reading on and a caregiver posed the question on how to handle stress of caring for her parents. Many people responded with great suggestions, including taking daily walks,  hiring outside help, praying, practicing yoga, journaling, starting a garden, meditation…

It’s important to remember to take care of yourself before anything else. I know that seems crazy, but anything you can do that helps you remain calm, happy and peaceful will make you a better caregiver, a better friend, a better parent.

Like they say on the airplane ‘put your own oxygen mask on first!’.

If you are a caregiver and in the Seattle area, consider joining a local support group. Overlake Hospital offers one. See below or click here.

Family caregivers need support and information as they navigate the twists, turns, and responsibilities of providing care for another. Open to anyone caring for an older adult. No registration required. Free

Caregiver of Older Adults Support Group – Bellevue

  • Second and fourth Thursdays of the month, 3 to 4:30 p.m. Overlake Senior Health Center, 1750 112th Avenue NE, Suite A101, Bellevue.
  • For more information, call Regina Bennett, MSW 425-688-5807

Family Caregiver Support Group – Mercer Island 

  • Second Tues. of the month, 3 to 4 p.m. Overlake Senior Health Center, 7707 SE 27th Street, Suite 110, Mercer Island.
  • Call Karin Miller, MSW 425-688-5637 for more information.

Capability Homecare is a boutique homecare agency with the highest caregiver standards in the industry.


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