Senior Resources

Boy do I love being in the senior industry- I can honestly say 99% of the people I have met through Capability Homecare are truly the most amazing people- they are kind, compassionate and willing to step in and help whenever needed.

One such person is Carolyn Kelso from Life Care of Kirkland. I met Carolyn when we first started our company and she couldn’t have been kinder. She is a gracious lady, who always has a smile on her face and seems to truly care.

She’s also extremely knowledgeable about current issues, pending legislation and issues regarding medicare. She serves on several resource councils and is always willing to lend a hand.

In a panic,  I called Carolyn to ask advice. She knew that my grandpa doesn’t live locally, and that she had nothing to gain by chatting with me- yet she took 20 minutes out of her day to educate me on the process of how medicare pays for rehab.

She patiently explained to me that only the first 20 days are covered 100% by medicare. For days 21-100 the patient pays 20% and medicare will pay the balance. After day 100, there is a period that the patient is on their own.

One thing I never considered, is that while my grandpa is in his rehab- he is also still paying rent on his apartment (that is sitting empty). Soon, (100 days can go by pretty quickly) he will start having to pay double rent, (at the skilled nursing as well as his original apartment) which will be a huge expense, and one that makes me realize how valuable homecare is.

This may be wishful thinking, but our goal is for my grandpa to regain enough strength to not require nursing care. In which case, he could move back in his home- back with his familiar surroundings and back where his friends are. Plus, with the assistance of a qualified caregiver (who has Nursing Assistant certification), his personal needs can be taken care of in the privacy and comfort of his home.

As I mentioned the other day- being on the other side of the equation has taught me a lot about the process of being in the hospital, what questions to ask and how important it is to have an advocate looking out for you! At Capability Homecare, we strive to be leaders in the industry and be that advocate for your loved one if you are in need of help.


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