5 Signs of Alzheimer’s

My beloved Grandmother- Gen, who suffered from Alzheimer's

As a person who has experienced Alzheimer’s firsthand, (my grandmother had it) and knowing that it could possibly be hereditary, I am constantly on the lookout for any signs of it in my family.

The problem is, I never know what is a normal sign of aging (don’t we all forget words sometimes?) and what should be a cause for concern.

In order to distinguish the difference between ordinary aging and signs of early Alzheimer’s, I consulted a few resources and then put together this list:

If you see any of these signs- you probably should consult a doctor.

  1. Major personality change

  2. Trouble completing familiar tasks

  3. Vision problems

  4. Forgetting words- or calling items by the wrong name

  5. Social withdrawal- not participating in normal activities

To find out more- please click on the links below. They have more detailed information.




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