A Sense Of Community

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True story-

My neighbor put her house on the market last fall. Her husband had been transferred to another state to work, so they decided she would stay in Washington until the house sold- then the family would move to join their dad. Unfortunately, in this economy the house sat on the market for a long time. Meanwhile, their 14 year old daughter had to have heart surgery- and was hospitalized for several weeks.

Suddenly members of their community stepped in to help out- they cooked meals, did hospital visits, helped with errands and housework, sent flowers, cards and gifts. They really showered this family with love and support. And after all this was said and done- the husband said to his wife, ‘we live in an amazing community, why on earth would we leave this and have to start all over?’

So, they took the house off the market, decided to stay put and they lived happily ever after…

Well, we really won’t know about the happily ever after- but it got me to thinking. What does community mean to you?

Do you have a community?

My parents live in the midwest- and my local friends often ask, ‘would your parents ever move out here to be closer to you?’ and the honest answer is ‘no!’. They would never want to leave their community. My mom has her weekly bridge group, my dad has his golfing buddies. They’ve lived in the same city for 47 years- they aren’t going anywhere.

But what if they become ill? Or too frail to take care if their every day needs? In order to keep them in their community we would hire a caregiver to come in and help with activities of daily living. The caregiver could cook meals for them, help them get bathed and dressed each day, take care of housekeeping and running errands. All these essential tasks can be done by someone brought in– so that they don’t have to be brought out.

Community is important- it gives people a sense of belonging. A sense of comfort. A sense of familiarity. If at all possible, most seniors would rather age in place then live in an assisted living or a skilled nursing center. It is possible to find outstanding/ trustworthy/ compassionate people to come into your home to provide care. Be careful with who you select, use an agency and get referrals.

For more information about In Home Care, please feel free to call Capability Homecare, 425 679- 5770

or check out or website.


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