New Service: Nurse Delegation

Capability Homecare is Pleased To Offer Nurse Delegation

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Capability Homecare is proud to announce a new service offering: Nurse Delegation.  Nurse delegation is when a registered nurse delegates her skills to a certified nursing assistant- who then is able to perform a variety of tasks, including- administering medication, checking insulin levels, giving eye or ear drops, applying ointments, tube feeding, simple wound care or colostomy care as ordered by a physician.

 In order to provide the safest and highest quality of care, the RN and the caregiver will meet with the client and thoroughly assess the care plan. The RN will then teach the CNA how to perform the each of the tasks required by the doctor’s orders.  In essence, the CNA will then be acting under the RN’s license. In order to ensure the upmost in safety and good practices, there will be constant oversight, assessment, evaluation and follow up done by both the RN and Capability Homecare.

 Rather than paying a private duty nurse to come into your home to provide these services, using Nurse Delegation is a more cost effective plan. Furthermore, clients find it to be more comfortable and reassuring to have their specifically delegated and assigned caregiver perform these tasks, rather than hire an additional person to come into their home.

Who would benefit from these services? Any senior who is currently receiving in home care and whose health status has remained stable and predictable. We offer this to clients who might have suffered from a stroke, or who might have paralysis, diabetes, MS,  or any other  condition that requires assistance with feeding, dressing or other activities of daily living.

As always, Capability Homecare uses core values in hiring the best caregivers in the industry. We hire only those who exemplify honesty, integrity, compassion, empathy and trustworthiness. We have the highest standards in the industry and are proud to offer exceptional caregivers for each and every assignment.

For more information, please contact us today- 425 679-5770,


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