Yes, You Can Age in Place

If you ask around, most seniors would rather age in place than move- in fact, AARP did a survey and found that up to 89% of seniors said they’d prefer to age in place.

The problem is, sometimes seniors are unable to live independently, so they feel their only option is to move to an assisted living or a nursing home. Fortunately, that’s not the only option! It is possible to hire someone to come into your home and help with anything you need assistance with.

But how does this happen? How do you find someone to do this? How do you know it’s safe?  Using a professional agency to hire a caregiver is the safest and easiest way. To ensure the caregiver is completely trustworthy, we do extensive interviewing, national background checks, personal and professional reference checks and in house training.

Typically, an agency will meet the client and their family and assess what the needs are, both physical and emotional. We will usually spend about 2 hours getting to know the potential client- learning about their likes and dislikes and learning about what personality type would work best to provide care for this person.

We then carefully screen, interview and select all potential candidates. Having the specific client in mind- we are able to match personalities, match interests and find the ideal person to provide care.  The nice thing about hiring someone into your home- rather than relying on who the Assisted Living has employed to provide care- is that you have control.  You can decide exactly what type of caregiver you want.

Non smoker- no problem!

Female- of course!

Age 35-45- we can do that!

Speaks English clearly- you got it!

Likes to garden/ play cards/ do the crossword- sounds fun!

For more information- please contact us today.


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