Caregiving for the Whole Family

I was recently approached by a friend in need, and it really made me realize what a valuable service we offer to families in crisis. Let me explain.

My friend’s father was diagnosed with liver cancer.  This diagnosis has completely shocked the family.  They will do as much as possible to help him, support him and take care of him- but they also have the obligations of their regular life to attend to.

Managing a full time job, household obligations, daily chores, essential errands and tasks that must be completed is overwhelming in itself. To do this in addition to being a caregiver for a loved one can be too much. My friend described her mother’s duties. “She is his nurse, cook and chauffer in addition to being his wife… She is getting up at 5:00 in the morning to take care of household tasks such as cleaning and laundry in addition to helping her husband with getting out of bed, getting showered and dressed, cooking and eating a healthy breakfast and reminding him to take his medications.”

Then she has to go to work all day and worry about him being home alone without help. He can’t drive, so if he has any doctor’s appointments or needs to go anywhere, she must find time in her schedule to assist with this. After work she must help with his needs as well, often not getting to bed before 11:00 pm.

The entire family is trying to be as helpful as possible, but they are tired, stressed out and feeling the heavy burden of being a caregiver rather than a son or daughter or wife. My friend commented that her mother has aged dramatically and looks tired and worn out. In short- they are emotionally and physically exhausted and need help.

This is where we come in. By contacting Capability Homecare and allowing us to provide the perfect caregiver to come in and assist with any of the daily tasks- they can ease the burden on themselves and start to spend quality time with their dad. They will know that their father is being cared for by someone who has been specifically trained to provide in-home care. This person has been carefully selected and screened and meets the values our company was based on. My friend’s family can spend these last few months with their dad in a more peaceful way- and not let the burden of caring for him effect their relationship during this critical time.  This is precisely why we do what we do.

To see a complete list of all the services we provide, please check out our website.

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