5 Ways to Prevent Cancer

The Sammamish branch of King County Library is hosting an event tonight, July 27th at 7:00 pm, to educate people on ways to prevent cancer.

“Presented by Carol Robl, Health Education Specialist, Swedish Cancer Institute. Explore recent findings on ways to increase your resistance to cancer. Learn how to create an anticancer lifestyle using beneficial foods, protecting yourself from environmental threats and enhancing your physical and emotional well-being”

In case you are unable to attend, here are 5 things (according to the Medical Review Board at About.com) that you can do help prevent your risk to cancer:

5 Suggestions for Preventing Cancer

  1. Don’t smoke, or quit smoking
  2. Get lots of exercise- Silver Sneakers is an excellent resource to help seniors find ways to get active
  3. Eat healthy-  cut down on red meat and eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can
  4. Cut down on alcohol- limit to 1 drink per day
  5. Get screened regularly- colonoscopy, mammograms, prostrate screening

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