Why We Provide In-Home Care

Capability Homecare, providing experienced and trustworthy in-home caregivers

A lot of people ask me how I got into this industry, so I wanted to take just a minute to give a little background. My beloved Grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2001. It was a very sad, stressful and confusing time for our family. Through the process we learned about in-home care as one of our options. Before that experience, I had not known that in home care even existed!

However, what I learned about in-home care startled me a bit. Agencies would hire people with no experience or people who couldn’t communicate clearly in English. Caregivers were unreliable and due to the rotation of caregivers, families wouldn’t know who was going to be taking care of their loved one. The idea of helping clients to stay engaged in the activities that they had always been interested in wasn’t a focus and so on… I knew this wasn’t what we wanted for my grandmother and I felt that there was a way to make the system better.

A few years later, my husband was looking to change careers. He had been in the staffing industry for over 15 years and wanted to use those skills in a more rewarding environment. We realized that with his vast experience in staffing and the lessons we learned from looking at the existing model we could create just the type of company we were so desperately looking to find. We took all the issues that concerned us and found a way to fix them. We developed a system to provide top notch- high quality people to care for loved ones.

When you are looking to buy something you have many choices; you can go to the mega-store and have terrible customer service, mediocre quality of product and average prices- or you can go to a specialty boutique where you know you will be getting the highest quality of both service and product. A small upscale boutique will have just the perfect thing for you- because they take the time to get to know you- learn your likes and dislikes, your personal preferences. They know you have high standards and won’t settle for poor craftsmanship.

We like to consider ourselves that specialty boutique. We get to know our clients, we know what personality types will be a good fit for them, we know what makes them happy and we go out of our way to find a great match for a caregiver. We hire people who are experienced, professional and communicate clearly in English. We designate a specific caregiver to each client, so there is no confusion about who will be taking care of your loved one. We hire people who are proven to be reliable, trustworthy and compassionate. We pay our caregivers more- but that’s ok- because we know we are getting the best there is- and for a loved one, it’s worth it!

We’re proud that we have built a company with strong values and a commitment to finding the best caregivers. Sadly, my grandmother has since passed away- but if she were alive I would proudly hire a Capability Caregiver to provide loving care for her.

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4 thoughts on “Why We Provide In-Home Care

  1. Many of us specializing in geriatric care entered the specialty due to a personal experience like yours. But sadly, as a geriatric care manager (masters clinical social worker) I am not seeing the quality of caregivers you describe as your staff. Caregivers are not trained, lack respect and responsibility, and often sleep on the job. I try to place private, trained experienced caregivers today rather than agency staffing. I hope your caregivers are as you describe and truly do provide care and service.

    • Thank you for your comments- it’s true that many agencies employ inexperienced people who do not provide the quality of care we expect. It is difficult to find trained and experienced caregivers, but we feel that quality is more important than quantity. We hire only 10% of applicants, ensuring that our caregivers truly represent the high standards we expect. There are amazing caregivers out there- and as experts in recruiting, our job is to find them! I would imagine that the caregivers you are hiring privately are the same type of people we are hiring for our agency.
      To be clear, you have never worked directly with us, correct?
      Thank you again for reading my blog and responding. It’s great to hear from others in the industry who truly are looking out for the best interest of seniors.

  2. As a GCM, I would say you are definitely looking at the wrong agencies. In our case, most of our employees are Certified Nurse Assistants (state certification), with very thorough background checks, skills and experience. Finding some bad agencies — indeed, they are out there — does not justify exposing your clients and their families to workers compensation claims, unemployment taxes, payroll tax problems, liability insurance concerns (home owner’s insurance does not apply to domestic workers) and the absence of dishonesty bond coverage. Look harder for good agencies. Your clients deserve that.
    Bert Cave, President, Support For Home

    • Thank you Bert- I couldn’t have said it better. There are many agencies that hire people without going through the extensive process of making sure the caregivers are skilled, experienced CNA’s. We hire based on those requirements, plus the expectation that our caregivers truly love seniors. Thankfully, there are companies such as Capability Homecare and others that actually put the client first. It’s extremely important that people realize there are many choices out there for excellent in-home care- and it’s important to do your homework before choosing an agency.

      Furthermore, you have brought up excellent points with the many unforeseen dangers that can occur when hiring privately. Many people see hiring privately as a cheaper option than using an agency, without considering the serious ramifications.

      Again, thanks for reaching out to us. I appreciate it.

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